Monday, September 8, 2008

Let's Talk Politics

Have any of you seen the marquee on the corner of 3300 South and Highland Drive for a Mr. Horiuchi that is running for some city government position? It is fabulous! This guy made a deal with the Tres Hombres restaurant and now cartoon drawings of Mr. Horiuchi in various sports uniforms are covering the mechanical dancing hombre figures on their marquee with the slogan that "He's Got Game." I love his creativity but I would also love it if I knew what he was running for and what "he's got game" has to do with anything. Even still, when I see his name on the ballot I will be slightly more inclined to vote for him solely based on his clever advertising which, I well know, is a ridiculous reason to vote for someone. I mean, I'm in marketing for crying out loud! I should know better than to fall for that type of gimmick and instead base my opinion on facts...which leads me to my next point.

I'll be the first to admit that right now I am nowhere near as educated as I should be on the political issues and the candidates' platforms, specifically in regards to Obama and McCain. I figure I now have two months left to get educated and I am looking for any sources of information that you have found helpful in your research. I have found that the official websites for Barack Obama and John McCain offer good information but I would love to find some literature or websites that compare their platforms with as little bias as possible. I know that I may be asking for the moon with that request but I have hope that such sources can exist. Also, I would love to read postings on personal blogs that offer viewpoints that might "expand my horizons" so to speak. As my intent is to find out as much information as possible, please do not do me the injustice of assuming what I do or do not believe/support/want to know, and censoring your comments or information sources according to those assumptions. That said, I'm not interested in flashy, overly-emotional, or degrading material that does little to relate to the issues. As evidenced by my experience with the Horiuchi marquee, I want to not let surface impressions dictate my stance but instead be grounded in the facts.

Thanks everyone if you feel inclined to offer information for me. I really appreciate it!


The Shawcrofts said...

I like these websites: and

Mr. Andrews said... provides a great daily rundown of news, speeches, polls, and editorials. It is BY FAR my favorite place for political news, and is way less biased than any of the TV news channels (CNN, Fox, NBC, etc.)

Mars said...

USA Today has always impressed me as a largely unbiased news source with great daily coverage that presents both sides fairly equally.