Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Trip to Wisconsin

This week I went on a business trip to Wisconsin and I'm just going to cut to the chase and give you the highlights in a bullet point list:
  • Business conversations seem more interesting when the person on the other end of the conversation looks exactly like Mike Ditka.
  • Cheese curd is disgusting but FRIED cheese curd is delicious. (That isn't really a surprise. I'll bet that fried anything is delicious)
  • Not having a company laptop can have its perks. For instance, it allows you to take naps or watch Transformers on HBO in your hotel room without feeling completely guilty that you are wasting time.
  • I went to dinner at some great little restaurants that had gorgeous serving pieces and lovely food presentation. I got to have steak two nights in a row...not the healthiest idea but I wasn't going to turn down Wisconsin steaks.
  • Escargot is not appetizing. I felt like being adventurous so I tried it when it was offered to me. The only redeeming part was the taste of the melted butter and parmesan that it was soaked in. I think I have a new motto: If something is edible only if soaked in fat then it probably isn't worth eating. But, aren't you proud of me for even trying it?
  • Despite my best intentions, I didn't make use of the running gear that I packed. I'm going to blame it on the fact that it isn't safe for a single girl to run alone at night in an unknown area. Nevermind the fact that the hotel had a treadmill somewhere.
  • Hockey is no laughing matter in those parts. I spoke to one hockey mom that actually floods her backyard in the winter to create an ice rink for her kids. This process involves running water then unhooking the hose and taking it inside to thaw with a cycle of once every hour for 48 hours straight. That is one dedicated mom...and a very expensive water bill.
  • Finally, Stampin' Up! is awesome. Enough said.


ThePalmers said...

Hey Annie,

Are you single? If so, can I set you up with my cousin? He's a gem!

kel said...

Escargot?! Annie! I am SO PROUD of you! I don't think I'd even try that one. Makes zucchini look like New York cheesecake. ;)

jill said...

I'm still bummed I missed the little lunch together however many months ago. I love cheese curds. :) I was thinking about academy for girls a few days ago. good times, eh?

Stefani said...

Where did you go in Wisconsin? I think that Wisconsin smells like beer...icky. But gotta love the midwest!