Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Master Pyrotechnician

Amber and I were just watching the news and we found out that our neighborhood is NOT in the new "restricted" zone for fireworks. Awesome! I sure do love fireworks and back in the day I was even called "The Master Pyrotechnician."

Actually, I am kind of full of it because I'm really an idiot when it comes to fireworks. I never seem to choose the cool ones and instead I waste my money on different varieties of Black Cats and Ground Bloom Flowers. For the last two years the Spransy family has been kind enough to invite me along on their Firework Extravaganza trip to Evanston. Trust me, this family knows how to have a good time...especially with fireworks.


*star said...

You want fireworks? You should come to IF with me! Melaleuca (Idaho's equivalent of NuSkin) donates a million dollars every year for the firework show. Not kidding. It's 30 minutes of nonstop explosions set to music that you can listen to on one of the local radio stations.

In a word: awesome!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...Star still has nothing on the war zone that we create. It's not the 4th until someone has to yell, "Holy $&#*! RUN!"

You want to join us again this year?!

Ryan & Ashley Blair said...

Ok, here are my favorite blog sites at the moment. . .

cheapinggirls.blogspot (my favorite!)