Monday, June 9, 2008

Third Place

I know what you are thinking, "Three posts in one week?! This girl deserves a prize for all her hard work"...but don't worry, I'm one step ahead of you. Unfortunately, the new Strawberry Milkshake Creme Oreos are nothing to write home about and are actually borderline disgusting. I think I may try turning them into truffles instead (see the inspiration from my good friend Bakerella) and hopefully that will redeem them. If not then I'm pretty sure I'll end up eating them anyway.

In other news, I am slowly recovering from my latest bout with stupidity/soreness. On Saturday I went to the gym and since the marathon my trips to the gym have been few and far between. Needless to say, I wasn't in peak physical condition. However, my gym recently added a line of really cool new weight machines and I couldn't resist trying them...all. I'm not the type to halfway do anything so I went all out and really pushed myself as hard as I could. Ten+ machines, a bunch of lunges, and 2 miles later I was feeling the burn and I slowly ambled out of the gym. Now, I know better than to lift more than I should when I haven't done anything substantial in weeks but sometimes I latch on to a crazy idea and my common sense just goes right out the window. Sort of like the time that I attempted to fit my new craft desk in the backseat of my Chevy Prizm. Anyway, today I am paying for my stupidity at the gym...big time. This ranks as third place in the times that my muscles have felt the most sore. First place was after the marathon and second was during cheerleading tryouts my junior year in high school. Today at work I avoided stairs at all costs and when walking to the art room with my co-worker I had to ask her to slow down. If you didn't know me already and you saw me walking you would probably think that I was recovering from some painful leg injury or that I am much too young to have needed those double-knee replacements. The good news is that I am feeling a little better and I know at least one person got a good chuckle out of the experience. Honestly, what good would life be if we couldn't smile and laugh at ourselves every now and then?


Melissa said...

And what good would life be if I couldn't laugh at you? But I bet you'll have the nicest, tightest hiney around. I can't wait for the day...lunges aren't easy.

*star said...

Excellent stories.

Reminds me of the time Kelly, Bd, and I climbed Mt. Timp. Remember those ladder beds we had in La Jolla? Yeah, those were instantly the enemy.

p.s.: Where have you been all my life?

kel said...

HILarious. I gotta say, I admire your ambition. What a go-getter. ;)