Friday, January 11, 2008

I Make No Guarantees...

...that if I get this puppy I won't give it an obnoxiously cute name like "Wicket" and carry it around in a handbag.
...that I will actually run all 26.2 miles of the SLC marathon. I can tell you right now that there will definitely be some walking breaks.

...that I will not try to play "Rock You Like a Hurricane" on guitar hero at Susan and Jeremy's even though they have threatened to beat me up if I do.

...that I will be nice and let you make fun of me the next time we have a fire drill. I'm on the Safety Committee, ok? They asked us to wear the vests and sweep the floor to make sure everyone got out safely. It isn't my fault that nobody else on the Safety Committee remembered to put their vest on so I ended up looking like a loser in front of all of Stampin' Up! Did you seriously think I bought my own reflective vest and I keep it with me at work in the off chance that I will get to use it? Please, I may be weird but I'm not that bad.

...that I will eventually finish (or at least get past page 30) of last month's book for Stampin' Up! book club.

...that I will spend more time discussing the primaries than last night's episode of Celebrity Apprentice. This is the one I actually feel guilty about.


Susan Spransy said...

You are too hilarious. And I stand by my word. If you are ever at our house and Jeremy is not there, you can play "Rock You Like a Hurricane" to your hearts content.

Ash & Jon said...

Loved your post. Very funny. And I actually think you look hot in your vest, especially the pic on the right! :-)

kel said...

Annie, you DO own your own reflective vest... and reflective wrist bands, and head gear (yes, I said head gear). And don't forget the flashing light that attaches to your shirt!

...Boy, I can tell you have some friends who *REALLY* love you!

Susan Spransy said...

I make no guarantees that I won't try to drop kick Wickett.

Annie Traynor said...

I was considering making you Wicket's godparent but after your little drop-kicking comment you can kiss that offer good-bye!