Saturday, December 29, 2007

Movies make me nappy and sappy

So, I am notorious for falling asleep during movies. If you have ever been my roommate or, for that matter, have ever tried to watch a movie with me then you probably already knew that. I guess it all started when I fell asleep during "Milo and Otis" at the theater at Lindsay Alston's sixth birthday party. However, I just recently realized that I also have a tendency to cry during movies...almost all movies. For example, I am watching "Hook" on TV right now and I all of a sudden got teary when Robin Williams was giving his little speech at the hospital dinner to the other orphans and Grannie Wendy. I mean, I even cried during "Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement" because Julie Andrews started singing and she hardly ever sings anymore. I am ridiculous, I know.

In related news, this year was the first time that I have been able to make it through all of "A Muppet Christmas Carol" without falling asleep. But, watching the whole movie made me realize how touching the story is, especially the part when Scrooge's girlfriend is leaving him and sings about the love being gone. I used to never cry about anything but now it seems like it doesn't take much to get me teary.


Ash & Jon said...

You are too cute!

Anonymous said...

You come by the tears honestly. It's in your genes girl. Mom