Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily!

I wanted to send a big shout out to Emily on her birthday (the big 2-7)! I know that since you are just reading this that you can't tell that I'm getting a teensy bit emotional but just thinking about how much she means to me really makes me get sappy. There are about a million reasons why I love her but here are 27, in honor of her age:
  1. She is a fabulous mom to Reid and is now pregnant with twins.
  2. She taught me how to hide a jumbo bag of Skittles under my shirt and not get caught by Mom (and no, we weren't stealing anything...we got the Skittles from our storage room in the garage, it's a long story).
  3. She knows how to dish out tough love to help knock some sense into me when I am acting stupid.
  4. She introduced me to Express Editor pants - the best fitting pants in America.
  5. She convinced me to give a dry humor speech to a bunch of elementary school kids when I ran for Student Council Vice President in the 5th Grade. It did not turn out well.
  6. She also loves Martha.
  7. She is beautiful.
  8. She is an example to me of how to be a good wife/mother/daughter/sister.
  9. She bears her testimony to me. I remember one time in high school when she was driving us home and she stopped to tell me how important it is that I read the Book of Mormon and really have a testimony of its truthfulness.
  10. She doesn't steal my chapstick anymore.
  11. She can speak movie quote language with me.
  12. She is fun to have girl talk with.
  13. She introduced me to Stampin' Up!
  14. She is crazy smart.
  15. She is crazy creative.
  16. She taught me how to make cupcake pops.
  17. She likes to talk about new business ideas.
  18. She is turning into our Mom...which is a good thing.
  19. She isn't materialistic at all.
  20. She always has good suggestions for when I ask her how I should cut my hair. She even provides pictures.
  21. She does a dang good job manning "the booth."
  22. She introduced me to America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, What Not To Wear, and The Office.
  23. She lets me vent and whine to her.
  24. She makes a killer Chipotle burrito.
  25. She accepts my apologies.
  26. She has a magnetic personality which makes everybody adore her.
  27. She sympathizes with the plight of those with big teeth, Arnett Self-Assured Syndrome, basketball syndrome, etc.
Happy Birthday Sissy! I love you!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Annie, I love you both so much and I am thankful you have each other as sisters. That was such a sweet tribute to Emily on her birthday.You are wonderful. I Love you tons, Mom