Thursday, June 5, 2008

Good News Minute Part II

1. First of all, there must be something in the water because in the last week three people have told me that they are pregnant. I'm not allowed to talk about two of them (oh, the rumors this could start) but I am totally allowed to talk about the third. I am so excited to announce to anyone that reads my blog (although I think everybody who actually reads this already knows) that Susan and Jeremy Child are expecting their first baby! I could not be more excited for them! I consider them to be the closest thing to family that I have in Salt Lake and I know that they will be AWESOME parents. I also feel honored that sort of by default I got to choose the name that we will all use to refer to the little bun in the oven until he/she is born...Rigatoni Rocket Child. Yes, you read that right. That name came about during a conversation that happened on our Disneyland trip last year and I'm glad it can be put to use. Best wishes to your growing family and I love you guys!

2. In other news, I am also happy to report that William Traynor is officially a dentist! I went to LA last weekend to attend his graduation and I am so proud of him. He is such a hard worker and he genuinely has a heart of gold. I thought I would try to win good sister points by flying out for the graduation but then he totally showed me up when he surprised me and my parents with tickets to see Wicked. The seats were so incredible that even with my bad eyesight I could clearly see the expressions on the actors' faces. I also got spoiled by my parents who treated us to great meals at famous local eateries and a trip to the Huntington Gardens. For those of you who have not visited Huntington Gardens you must put it on your list of things to do in southern California. It is basically a huge estate that has been transformed into museums, libraries, and beautiful landscaping. In the library they literally have millions of books and printed works and among them are a Gutenberg Bible, first editions of several of Shakespeare's works, famous American revolutionary propaganda, and the original 13th Amendment to the Constitution which abolished slavery. Needless to say, I think I'll try to be a good sister more often because it is well worth the return on my investment.

3. Third, speaking of babies, my brother Matt and his wife Ann recently welcomed a new baby boy into their family. Max Jensen Traynor is just as cute as can be and I can already tell that he and I are going to be tight. I haven't had much luck in the favorite-aunt department but I have a feeling that baby Max and I are already buds.

4. Fourth, the burn lines on my hand from when I grabbed the flat-iron have mostly healed and I only cut a small chunk out of my thumb during a run-in with a kitchen knife tonight. I don't think I am a klutz but I sure do have a knack for incurring minor hand injuries. It is sad thing when you can point out 5 or so scars on one hand that are all due to burns.

5. Do you have anything to add? Leave a comment with your good news if you have anything exciting going on that I don't know about.


Melissa said...

Hey! Love your good news. And for the record, I will ensure that all of my kids choose you as their favorite aunt.

The Shawcrofts said...

Good news brother is getting married next weekend! And Joe's birthday is later this month! And, my cat stopped peeing in random places in the house! :) Annie you're the greatest! Love you tons.