Sunday, March 2, 2008

Some new additions

So, I have acquired a few new toys in the last week or so and I am really excited about them. First, I bought my first ever Camelback. I have always wanted one but I never thought that I actually did enough hard-core hiking to justify buying one. But, I recently realized that I need one for running because planting water on my training runs is SUPER annoying. So, I went to REI on Friday and I got this little baby.

I used it for the first time yesterday and it was fantastic. It is made for cyclists so I can also use it if I decide to train for a triathlon. It is also small enough that I could take it on short hikes that don't require more gear/food. I highly recommend this item.

The next new addition is my first set of knitting supplies. Yesterday, I went to a knitting class at Soul Spun Yarn with Susan, Amber, and Venessa. Susan and Jeremy hooked me up with the supplies and class as a Christmas present. Aren't they the best?! We learned to knit and purl (or rather, I learned to knit and already forgot how to purl) and we got enough yarn to make a scarf. We all decided on Blizzard yarn and we chose different colors. I got the ivory color.

I am so excited! I have this bug in me that wants to learn everything about pretty much everything...especially if it relates to domestic arts of any kind. I wish now that I had paid more attention when my Mom was sewing or when my Grannie was crocheting. What a tragedy that I didn't take the time to learn from what I would deem the masters when I had the chance. It reminds me of one of my favorite talks, or rather an article, that was written by President Eyring. The good news is that Mom is still very much a sewer so when I visit her I can still try to learn from her even if it is in short and random installments.

Finally, last week I bought a project desk that I put in my bedroom with hopes that it can house the majority of my craft supplies. My front room has been a disaster zone for months and it literally looks like Stampin' Up! threw up in there because the walls are lined with boxes of paper and stamps and the table is covered with projects in progress. And, for any other crafters out there you know the tendency to have several projects that are always in progress so the clutter never really ends. I still need to transfer my craft stuff to the desk but I'm happy that I at least have made progress in getting some sort of organization system.


Melissa said...

I love that yarn, I'm going to have to get some.

Anonymous said...

Hey,I am excited about your new knitting venture. It will be fun to have "a little handwork" as Grannie would say to keep your hands busy while you watch a movie or such. It can be quite relaxing. Love the camelback too. Mom