Sunday, February 3, 2008

Good News Minute

So, in my ward's Relief Society we have a "Good News Minute" when sisters can share momentous occasions such as engagements, birthdays, new jobs, major accomplishments, etc. I thought it would be fun to occasionally have my own GNM to update you all on the big news of those I care about.

First, my good friend Kirsten Adams just got engaged last night. She is one of the most amazing, talented, caring, and beautiful women I know and she was an awesome roommate. I am so happy for her!

Kirsten and Dallas

Second, there are a few birthdays of good friends and family members. My sister-in-law, Ann, celebrated her birthday yesterday. She is such an awesome mom and to some of the cutest kids in the world too! She is so smart and fun to be around and I have loved having her as a friend and a member of the family. On the 5th is the birthday of one of my best friends (and practically a member of my family), Caroline Hidalgo. Caroline and I go way back...she was around even before I entered the awkward-looking stages that I fondly refer to as "The Dark Ages." She graduated from West Point and got married this last summer and in a few weeks she and her husband will be deployed. She has been a great friend for many years and I know for many more to come as well.

Caroline and Miles

Third, I ran twelve miles yesterday...yes you read that right I said twelve as in 12. That is more than I have ever done before at one time. I still have not broken the maximum in one day for me which is 13. One summer at BYU I took a jogging class and I had to run 75 miles by the end of the term (roughly 7 weeks). I got behind the last week so I had to make up 15 or so miles by Monday so that last Saturday I went running four times in one day for a total of 13 miles. It was so hot and I remember I would run and then come back and lay on the floor for an hour and then go back out. I looked pretty hideous by the time I was done. The good news is that I ran the final 2 miles on Monday morning before class so I got all my miles in and got an A in the class.

Finally, I am headed to Anaheim, CA at the end of this week for the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Trade Show. I know, I is really rough when you have to stay at the Hilton right next to Disneyland for 5 days and check out craft booths and classes for work. I also get to see William for a bit and since my family members all live so far away it is a treat when we can get together.

Well, that is it for me but if you have any good news that you would like to share then please leave a comment because I would love to hear about it!


kel said...

Annie! Bryant and I are going to be at Disneyland this weekend too!

Anonymous said...

So I was reading some article on some celebrity baby and I thought "Emily's baby is way cuter" and I decided that I needed to visit her blog. After reading that (and deciding that I want babies NOW!) I remembered you had a blog. And what do I see when I get there - my very own shout out! Oh, it made my day! And I must confess that I wasn't reading until I saw my picture - because I like scrolling to the pictures and deciding what will be interesting to read based on the pictures. . . fortunately for you and Emily you are pretty entertaining. Ok, that's a lie - I only read Emily's blog becuase of the pictures of Reid scattered throughout.

Anyway, this message is long and mostly pointless so I'm going to get going. I hope all is well my dear friend - I miss you!