Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bittersweet...but mostly just sweet

Eloquence during emotional moments has never been a gift of mine so it is with great hesitation that I try to put into words some of my thoughts and feelings of this last week. Come to think of it, President Hinckley was very good at mastering his words and accurately expressing his feelings. Even now I am reminded of the many ways that he is an example to me.

I learned of President Hinckley's passing by way of a text that I saw when I turned my phone on at 5 am on Monday morning. Alone and in the darkness of my bedroom I laid in deep thought and emotion. I realize that some of my friends may not know what I believe about the life-after-death topic. I believe that there is life after death and that families are eternal and that dear friendships are eternal. There was a life prior to our coming to earth and there is life after we leave it. Our knowledge and love for others are things that we can take with us and the best part is that we can acquire more knowledge and love along the way. I believe the concept of eternal life to be true and though there is a lot that I do not yet fully comprehend, I can honestly say that I know it to be true.

President Hinckley was a great person and I will especially miss his wit, charisma, and smile. But, I cannot say how happy I was when I first thought of the wonderful reunion that he must have had with his beloved Marjorie. As any descendant of Fred and Norma will tell you, it reminded me of my sweet Grannie and the same type of reunion that must have happened when she rejoined Grandpa Fred. The sweetness extends even further when I think of the wonderful life President Hinckley led and the knowledge I have that he was a living Prophet of God on the earth in our time and that the keys and means to Jesus Christ's restored Church remain on the earth even with the passing of such a great leader. Though there have been many tears in mourning, for this last reason I am not sad, but happy and grateful.


ThePalmers said...

Sorry- this might be a stupid question: Just wondering who William is. I think you are way too cute BTW!

Anonymous said...

Dear Annie, I am in awe of your spiritual strength and understanding. What a wonderful woman you are. Dad and I love you so much. Mom

Rufina said...

Great work.