Monday, September 17, 2007

You're a pretty girl...ouch!

Right now my ward calling as an FHE group leader has been a lot of fun, that is until I totally made a fool of myself in front of my friends and half the residents at the retirement center tonight. After no one volunteered to have their group plan an FHE activity at the center this last week I was asked late last week if my group could volunteer and so I of course said yes. I was actually pretty excited until I realized that I could not think of any good ideas for an activity and with only 2 days I didn't think that was enough time to put together the typical "program" or "performances" that the coordinator had suggested. After chatting with Emily I came up with some fun games but they totally bombed and I was left looking like an idiot as everybody filed out of the room towards the refreshments and I could hear them asking their friends why there wasn't a performance this time. The best part was when a sweet older woman who had just shushed her friend for saying that the activity was "not what she would have planned" then turned to me and with a slight side tilt of her head said, "Hmm...You're a pretty girl." I know she meant to be nice but I feel like she was really just trying to make me feel better for being the poor thing that planned the stupid activity for everyone. It probably wasn't as bad as I think it was but still I believe the proper term is "Ouch!"


Emily said...

uh, actually I was the one that came up with the ideas that bombed. I think you need to give credit where credit is due. You said "after talking with Emily I came up with some ideas", pretty rude Annie, that's all I'm saying. Last time I give you ideas that bomb.

*star said...

I know a group of energy-crazed 2nd graders that probably would have liked it. Feel free to try it out on them.

Bryant said...

Yeah, then you know that if it bombs with the 2nd graders that it'll make a good activity for the elderly.

(That's like how Russ and I used to test our party ideas against the activities committee.)