Friday, January 30, 2009

And that, Mr. Tuttle, is how you blog.

Hello. It's Emily. Annie's older sister. I've been telling her for a while that her blog needs some serious help. That's where I come in.
I have been given some instructions, however. I am not allowed to write about the following stories: the one about Annie's school project about referees, two different but equally embarrassing stories having to do with the Backstreet boys, how she once insisted my 1981 Baby's 1st Christmas ornament was hers (she was born in '83), prom stories, etc. My guess is that with enough pressure that she'll cave and let me tell them anyway. So bug her about it and then this blog will get really good.

Hey, Annie, here's a deal...if you give me carte blanche to tell whatever story I want, I'll tell about my most embarrassing story. The one where I told you I'd punch you square in the face if you told anyone. That's a deal if I ever heard one.

So, in honor of my new authorship on Annie's blog (which could also use a cool header, by the way) here's two rad videos to make your life worth living. I've got a hundred babies at home and it's a lot of work, but seeing these videos yesterday made me feel like it was all going to be okay. And it was.

I don't know how to post videos, so I'll just send you to where I found them. Oh, and this blog I'm directing you to should become a daily read. It's wonderful.

Go here for a good laugh.

and go here for something beautiful and daydreamy and magical.
Oh, and the picture at the top? That's just because no good post is complete without a picture (a main symptom of Annie's anemic blog) and because I just moved into our new house and I'm currently obsessed with finding the just right pieces of furniture on craigslist and then I'm going to paint and recover them. The chair above is upholstered with Joel Dewberry fabric. Love it. For those with even bolder, bohemian taste...check out Anna Maria Horner (this post from her blog shows all the fabrics of her home decor line, her blog is definitely worth adding to your favorites tab). You can buy these lines (and more cool ones like Heather Bailey and Amy Butler) online, this shop's a good one.


Amber said...

Annie, you MUST allow Emily to tell your most embarrassing story. Firstly, because I want to hear that one. Secondly, because I guarantee Susan and Jeremy and I will pay you exorbitant amounts of money if we can finally get to hear Emily's embarrassing story. PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

I ALREADY have a wad of cash in hand!!!

Anonymous said...

I say get the money up front. Mom

Anonymous said...

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