Sunday, July 27, 2008

What's Going On?

Hello Everyone! In the past few weeks there have been several exciting things going on in the life of Annie:

1) Emily and Erik found out that their identical twins aren't mono/mono and instead are mono/di (look it up on wikipedia or go to Emily's blog for an explanation) which means that the twins aren't super high risk anymore and she can hopefully carry them a lot longer. Yay! That is super great news and a serious answer to prayer.

2) I went to the gym yesterday and I chose a machine that was in front of the TV that was showing the Food Network. The show that was playing was an episode of "The Next Food Network Star" and I was super surprised to see my own cousin, Rob, on the TV screen. Apparently the contestants each had to make a buffet spread and serve it to a group of various Vegas performers and chefs and Rob and the other knights from Spamalot were part of that group. How random is that? I'm not as excited for him that he got to be on TV as I am that he got to meet Bobby Flay and critique Food Network food...that would be awesome!

3) The Dark Knight is awesome. I think I need to see it again because I'm a little slow and I didn't pick up on all of the intricate details of the plot. I want to see it in the IMAX theater so let me know if you are interested and we can get a group together.

4) The John Mayer concert was a little disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I was there with some great company and he is still an awesome performer but it just seemed to be lacking something. I think he is getting a little too comfortable in his popularity and he sort of shows off too much. You might think that showing off your skills is the point of a concert but in some cases I disagree. Anyway, it was good, not great and I miss his old ways...oh, and I really want him to come out with a new CD.

5) Today I felt uber-domestic because I made bread using wheat that I actually ground myself this morning. I followed it up by making some strawberry freezer jam which is quite literally 1 part strawberry to 2 parts sugar...awesome. The bread turned out decently well but my ultimate goal is to fine-tune my skills so that someday my bread will somewhat resemble my Grannie's bread. It may take a while but I'll keep trying. I also want to someday recreate her famous gingersnaps.

6) Stampin' Up! is trying out a new flex schedule so I am working 4 10-hour days and I have Mondays off. This has been pretty awesome so far because I finally have time to do all the things that I have been putting off like getting a Utah license, going to the eye doctor, finishing various craft projects, etc.


The Shawcrofts said...

Teach me how to make freezer jam! And let's figure out how to make awesome bread too!

Ryan & Ashley Blair said...

That update did not mention a certain topic that I have been very curious about. . .remember? You know what I am talkikng about. So, call me.

Anonymous said...

Annie, While we are all together next week you could get some tips on breadmaking from Ann. She does a great job. A lot better than I ever did. Grannie left a bread legacy but I can make a mean cinna mon roll. Mom