Monday, May 19, 2008

Things I Take for Granted...

...Air Conditioning. My A/C died sometime this week and it hasn't really been a problem until the last few days when it has been crazy hot. You would think that an Arizona girl would know better than to take A/C for granted but I guess stranger things have happened. While I wait for my appointment with the A/C man on Wednesday I have resorted to opening all the windows and (pause for dramatic effect) NOT sleeping with The Blanket. I know, I know, such dark times have never yet existed in this house but drastic times call for drastic measures. What makes it worse is that with my window open I can hear the parking gate every time it opens/closes and it is in desperate need of some WD-40.

...Books. Every time I get back into reading I wonder why I usually waste my time watching hours of America's Next Top Model and baking challenges on the Food Network. I just started reading Freakonomics and I have been wanting to read it for a few years so hopefully it will be good.

...Roommates. Amber has been gone for almost two weeks now and I am excited for her to be back. I don't tell her enough how good of a roommate she is or how much I appreciate her friendship. Anyone that can put up with my crazy ideas, strong views, and loads of craft stuff is definitely worthy of a little more kindness and consideration from me.

...Extended Family. My immediate family may be very far away but that doesn't mean that I should forget that I have some wonderful cousins and an aunt and uncle that are somewhat nearby. I got to spend a lot of time with them in the last two weekends and I can't believe that I went over 6 months without stopping by for a visit. My Aunt Donna let me host a bridal shower at her house and if you don't have your Mom around or have access to her serving stuff then I tell you the next best thing is to have an Aunt like my Aunt Donna.

...Girl Hangout Time with Kelly & Star (& Allison if she lived here). Kelly and I went with Star on Saturday to check out a wedding dress and even though we weren't together that long it reminded me of how much I miss spending time with those girls and how great of friends they are. They have been with me through pretty much everything since Freshman year and they are the best! I really like Bryant and Russ but I'm not going to lie that I miss the old days when I got to live with those girls.

...Slurpees. It has already been over 85 degrees this sprummer and I have not yet had a Slurpee. At work they posted a sign by the water cooler that says how many teaspoons of sugar are in a 20 oz. bottle of various beverages and it was shocking! It didn't list Slurpees but all I have to say is if there are over 21 teaspoons of sugar in 20 ounces of orange soda then I don't even want to know how many teaspoons are in a 32 oz. (or more, depending on the day) suicide Slurpee. I'm going to tell myself that there are only 5 and I'll feel so much better about it.


Mars said...

Ooh, A/C man!

P.S. Freakanomics is awesome. The drug section is intriguing, and the name lists are time-devouring.

Melissa said...

Ha! Sorry about your A/C, if you need somewhere to sleep our A/C is working!