Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Free Weights and Nosebleeds

Based on the title you are probably thinking that I have a good story about accidentally hitting my nose with a dumbbell while doing some bicep curls or something. Well, sorry but that didn't happen. I do however have a great story about a giant bruise I got from the ab machine back in high school weight training if you ever need a good laugh.

So, a miracle happened yesterday...I went to the gym at 5:30 in the morning to work out. That's right, not only did I actually GO to the gym, I went to the gym BEFORE work! Really, it is a miracle. Amber got a gym pass to 24 so we decided to go together in the mornings. I woke up and didn't see the light on in her room so I thought, "Oooh, hopefully she won't wake up and we won't have to go." But, sure enough, right after I said that her light turned on and I thought, "Dang it all!!!" But, it is actually an amazing feeling to get in a workout at the start of the day. I didn't make it today though because I fell asleep without setting my alarm and Amber didn't dare wake me up. Apparently I must be some scary beast of a cranky girl if you try to wake me up because she refuses to do it.

What did finally wake me up this morning was my daily nosebleed that occurs every morning. Evidently my nose is the only part of me that doesn't like the advent of autumn and it protests by thinking it is too dried out, giving me allergies, and starting nosebleeds at totally inconvenient moments. That reminds me of a funny story. My senior year in high school I was a cheerleader and since I was one of the "bigger" girls then I was a base when we would do stunts. We were at an away football game and while doing a basket toss stunt our fly (the girl you throw in the air) got skewed in the air and I had to dive under her to make sure she didn't hit the ground. Her bony behind crashed down right on my nose and it immediately started gushing blood...right onto my cute little cheer shell that had a big white part on the front. I was crying and bleeding and good old football-dad-on-the-sidelines-with a-camera-Rod Herbert started taking pictures of the whole fiasco. I just wish I could have been one of the people in the stands so I could have been the one making fun of the crying cheerleader with the bloody nose.

If you don't know what a basket toss is, here is a visual for you.

This is how it is NOT supposed to is really painful just to watch.

Finally, I don't know why this crazy girl agreed to do this.


Susan Spransy said...

Hey Annie,
If you copy and past the embed link into your post instead of the html, the video will show up in your post instead of just the link. Just a little FYI.

Anonymous said...

Dear Annie, Dad and I read your blog last night and YES our baby is really growing up. I'm glad you finally got aroud to tell us about your blog 'cause truely I didn't know. Any way it's now on my favorites list. I had such a great time with you last week end. I love you and wish you a Happy Birthday and a fun trip to NYC. Mom